The quantification of waste pickers’ contribution to Solid Waste Management in geographical, qualitative and quantitate terms.


The integration of waste pickers in the waste collection and disposal system, at the point of waste generation itself whether in homes, offices or businesses.


The facilitation of viability gap funding to support micro-enterprises of waste pickers and informal waste collectors to expand their business.


The advocacy of the informal waste sector to the public consultations and decision-making processes for waste management strategy at local and national level.


WA.MBO is an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) based in Athens that focused on integration of waste pickers through interventions in the areas of identity rights, health and safety, skills development, market and employment access and policy advocacy.

Critical aim of the movement is to assert their contribution to the environment, their status as workers and their crucial role in the Solid Waste Management of the city.

Our Goal

To transform informal waste sector situation in Greece. To engage an entrepreneurial workforce of waste pickers into an efficient, responsive and accountable organisation and work in partnership with the municipal SWM system.

Our Vision

A society that is socially just, economically equitable, culturally plural, politically democratic, environmentally sustainable, peaceful and humane.