Our practical handbook for e-waste recyclers is almost ready!

We are very proud to announce that our guide for safety measures during informal recycling of e-waste is here! We look for proofreaders! Contact us to get involved! (Beta version available here)


Increase awareness about informal recycling

The quantification of waste pickers’ contribution to Solid Waste Management in geographical, qualitative and quantitate terms.

Support micro-enterprises of waste pickers

The facilitation of viability gap funding to support micro-enterprises of waste pickers and informal waste collectors to expand their business.

Integration of waste pickers in solid waste management system

The integration of waste pickers in the waste collection and disposal system, at the point of waste generation itself whether in homes, offices or businesses.

WA.MBO is an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) based in Athens that focused on integration of waste pickers through interventions in the areas of identity rights, health and safety, skills development, market and employment access and policy advocacy.

Critical aim of the movement is to assert their contribution to the environmental protection, their status as workers and their crucial role in the solid waste management of a city.

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Sharing and Reuse Markets

WA.MBO enhances the organization of markets and e-markets at local economy level dedicated to recuperation, recycling, and revalorization of waste.

Establish a net

WA.MBO creates a map of second hand business and maker spaces based in Athens and Piraeus and improves communication channels between people working in the informal recycling sector.


WA.MBO co-ordinates special collection events of old electronic items, furniture, bicycles, kitchen utensils, etc., and distributes the returns to charity actions addressing informal groups of recyclers and scavengers.

Capacity Building

WA.MBO creates online modules for collaborative e-learning for waste management issues, including health and safety principles during handling electronic waste, hazardous waste management for informal recyclers, and circular economy aspects.

Recycling Trail

WA.MBO conducts field visits to learn how the city handles its garbage on a day-to-day basis.

Advocacy of informal waste collectors

WA.MBO tries to enhance the participation of informal recyclers in open government procedures and improve advocacy of their rights during the planning of waste management systems and circular economy models.

Red Dot Awareness

WA.MBO Red Dot Awareness Practices target the dissemination of methods for applying reusable sanitary pads and diapers available in the market.

Clothes Recycling and Reuse

WA.MBO supports sustainable fashion and clothes reuse and recycling by launching several actions of collecting second-hand clothes, promoting redressing, and creating new income features for recyclers.

Toys Reuse

WA.MBO encourages the recycling and reuse of toys and games. In collaboration with several makers’ group try to extend the toys life cycle and create new nets of recyclers, makers, and final users.

Recycling without recyclers is a waste of time