English as a Second Language in the Workplace (Dialogues)

Workplace Safety Dialogues for use in English as a Second Language classes (material by National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (USA))

Available whole document here: ESL Safety Dialogues_ENGLISH


Dialogue 1
John: Hi, Maria. How are you? How was English class today?
Maria: Hi, John. I’m fine. English class was interesting. A woman came to speak to us about the law. Do you know there is a law in the United States that says the places where we work must be safe.
John: Safe? But many jobs I see are not safe—they are dangerous.
Maria: Yes, but the boss must protect workers from danger at work.
John: My boss is very busy. He does not have time to protect me.
I take care of myself.
Maria: It is true—you have to be careful, but the boss also has responsibilities.
He must teach you about dangers at work and he must be sure you have the right equipment to protect
John: Does my boss know about these responsibilities?
Maria: He should. It is the law. All employers have responsibilities.

1. law
2. safe/safety
3. dangerous/danger
4. protect
5. employer
6. employee
7. responsibilities

…and for discussion. . .
1. Name some laws that you know. Are they good? bad?
2. What does the law say about safety at work?
3. Is this law good? bad? why?
4. Name some responsibilities that you have.
5. What do workers have to do about safety?
6. What do employers have to do about safety?